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If you're here, you might wonder what all this is about. Well, for a little more than the last decade (13 years to be exact) We've been working with brands of all sizes, helping them figure out what Content Marketing is all about - and how to succeed at it.

In fact, we were doing it for so many clients, my colleague Cathy McKnight and I built a company around that idea called The Content Advisory. We've helped drive content-related successes with some amazing brands and had a great time along the way.

But, after I wrote this last book - Content Marketing Strategy - Cathy and I realized that while consulting is incredibly valuable, we also wanted to help individual practitioners and leaders get the coaching and direct learning they needed.  Because, you know, sometimes it's not about completely transforming your business. Sometimes you just need a little help - and talking to someone with experience and expertise can provide clarity and a solution faster than spinning your wheels on your own. 

So - as an extension of Content Marketing Strategy (the book) -  we built this site - ContentMarketingStrategy.com - a place where you can join, get access to free content marketing resources, and if you need some specific coaching, training or other assistance, we can hopefully be a resource for YOU - the content practitioner.


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