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About Robert  

Robert is the CEO and Chief Strategy Officer for The Content Advisory– and as such is responsible for organization’s strategic advisory, education and consulting services.

For more than 25 years, Robert has been involved in helping organizations understand how the strategic use of digital content drives better customer experiences.

Robert’s fourth book – Content Marketing Strategy is why you're here.  His third - Killing Marketing published by McGraw-Hill is a world-wide best-seller. As one of the world’s most recognized expert in content strategy, digital media and marketing, Robert innovates creative and technical strategies for a wide variety of clientele. He’s advised large enterprises such as Salesforce, Hilton, CVS Health, Facebook, LinkedIn, KPMG, Staples, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

As an educator, Rose’s work in Content Marketing has been integrated into universities such as Ohio University, Kent State, and the University of Southern California. Rose is currently a Research Fellow with Coburn Ventures, a community of investment experts discussing and innovating current trends in technology. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) Software Division, and was a founding member of the Executive Council on Software-as-a-Service

About Cathy

As one of the leaders of The Content Advisory Cathy helps organizations transform the way technology can enable business strategy and performance. In her current role, Cathy has helped dozens of companies realize their content and marketing/communication objectives. With more than 20 years of global experience and expertise in content strategy, content management, intranets, marketing technologies and customer experience, Cathy has both led both strategic business transformation initiatives, as well as the detailed execution of enterprise technology implementations.

Prior to TCA she co-founded Digital Clarity Group a customer experience centric consulting and analyst firm. While building the company and leading its consulting practice, Cathy guided dozens a full range of organizations from start-ups to Fortune 50s in their pursuit of customer experience excellence.

Prior to DGC she served Aon Hewitt as the Innovation Lead and a Senior Associate for the Communications Consulting Team, building innovative digital solutions practice for the company. As Director, Client Services at Prescient Digital Media, Cathy led a team of consultants delivering enterprise intranet strategies, and technology selection projects for a vast array of global clients. And, as Senior Communications Advisor for IBM’s Global Services division, Cathy led budget planning, intranet management, and the overall strategy and messaging of IBM’s values and Mission to internal enterprise audiences.

Cathy is a frequent speaker at events such as Content Marketing World, ContentTECH, ICC, CMO Summit Europe, the J Boye Intranet conference and North American CMS Experts group, and the Gilbane conference on Content, Technology, and the Customer Experience.


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